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The History Lists PLUS

The Corel Photo-Paint History List feature has existed through several generations of the product now. Photo-Paint's major competitor, Adobe PhotoShop, which is strongly engraved into the hearts of most graphic designers, is only now, in it's latest version 5, catching up with a similar feature and the long overdue ability to undo multiple actions.

Having used both programs for some time now, I find that, in general, the feature set in  Photo-Paint almost always strongly overshadows that of PhotoShop, but sadly, most graphic designers may never realise this due, most probably, to either habit or peer pressure.

I often feel obliged therefore, to demonstrate some of Corel  Photo-Paint's remarkable features, not just for the benefit of current end users, but also in the hope that others may realise the enormous potential and greater acceptance of this brilliant program.

In order to demonstrate the mechanics of the History Lists I will need to actually create something. Thus the title of this tutorial, "... History List PLUS". The PLUS part, in this case, will serve to demonstrate the use of a neat Photo-Paint feature, the Object Clipping Group. Several other features will also be shown, including the interactive drop shadow tool and customising toolbars.

I apologize to Photo-Paint users who have not yet graduated to version 8 or 9. I use version 8 and 9 exclusively now, tend to use many version 8/9 -specific features, and can often not remember what the equivalents were in the previous version, I must confine my description to the current versions only. Hopefully, this and other tutorials I aim to write may encourage you to upgrade to the current version. OK, lets begin.



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