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Step 4: Back in History.

So what has this got to do with the History List? You probably thought that I had run completely off the track and ended up in Boggabilla. Right now, lets just pretend that we really didn't want to do any of the above or had, worse still, written the wrong slogan on our image! (Actually this is easy to fix... but that's another story). Imagine if we had only one level of undo (like the poor old PhotoShop 4 owners), or that we had inadvertently not set up multiple levels of undo in Photo-Paint to begin with. We then need the UNDO History List. So now is a good time to take a look at this wonderful feature.

  • Click on the Undo List icon on the Tool bar. The list dialog box opens.
  • Click the Hide Parameters checkbox several times and observe the changes.
  • Slide the scroll bar up so that the first entry can be seen. Do you remember our first step - resizing the image? Every action we have performed in the creation of our image has been recorded, including all of the parameters we used in each step.
  • Scroll back to the bottom again. Notice the multiple sets of Object select/Object translate entries. These were recorded when we moved the group of objects across the screen several times. Scroll until you find the Object Drop shadow command, and observe the parameters.
  • Click on any entry. A highlight appears from the bottom up, up to the entry we selected. Only sequential entries from the last one back can be selected.
  • Scroll right back to the first entry, select it, then press Undo.

OOPPS!,    What have we done?

We have lost all our fine hard work !

Or have we ?     Is all truly lost ?

Or will our favourite (and best) photo manipulation application come to the rescue ?

Yup, you betcha !


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