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Step 5: Back to the future - The Redo History List.

  • Leave the current image on the screen.
  • Click Tools/Options on the menu bar to bring up the Options dialog, then click on the + sign beside Customize (left hand pane) and select Toolbars (as in step 2 above). In the right hand pane click the plus sign beside Edit and then the plus sign beside Undo Special. The second icon from the left is the Redo List (it has a right turning arrow on a list).
  • Drag this icon up onto the Toolbar near the previously placed undo/undo list/redo buttons.
  • Click OK to close the Options dialog box and auto save the new Toolbar preferences. (Figure 9).

Figure 9.  The REDO List icon positioned on the toolbar.

Notice that the Redo List is coloured while the other components in this section of the Toolbar are grayed out.

  • Click the Redo History List button on the Toolbar.
  • Viola! All of our actions are present!. Note the first action - Image Resample 800, 533 72, 72, TRUE.
  • Scroll down and select the last entry then press the ‘Redo' button.
  • OK. We should be back to where we were before undoing all of the actions we previously performed. Notice now that the Undo and Undo List buttons on the Toolbar are now coloured, while the Redo and Redo List buttons have turned gray.

I should point out at this point that if we were to save the file at any time during the process, the History List disappears, just like all of the Undo steps when we have multiple undo levels in place and then save the image. One way to overcome this is to use the Checkpoint feature, another is to use the Export feature ... but those are other stories. I have deliberately not specified a save procedure throughout this tutorial. However, the next section shows a better way to always keep our precious History list.


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