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  1. Charcoal.

The Charcoal art stroke effect makes an image look like a black-and-white charcoal drawing.

It not only desaturates all colours from an image, it produces soft outlines in high contrast areas and also adds a slightly rough canvas bump map appearance under the entire image. Fine detail in non contrast areas is mostly lost, but still you should find that many of your images are suitable for use with this effect without too much loss of distinctive character.

1. Choose a suitable image. For the exercise here I have chosen image 708025.WI from the PHOTOS/LOCATION/ folder of CD#3 from CorelDRAW suite 8. (Fig 1)

2. Open the Charcoal effect dialogue box (Effects > Art Strokes > Charcoal).

The Charcoal Art Stroke has only two parameters: Size and Edge. (Fig 2)

3. The Size parameter simulates the size of the chunk of charcoal you would be using.

Figure 3 shows how changing the Size affects the result.



4. The Edges parameter increases the contrast between areas of strong colour difference, usually as an increase in the thickness and blackness of outline strokes.

Figure 4 shows how changing the Edge affects the result.


5. Figure 5 is the final result of using this effect on the example image.



Here is another example. The Charcoal Art Stroke makes turning photos into drawings a breeze! (Fig 6)


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