Conté Crayon  
    Palette Knife  
    Pen and Ink  
    Sketch Pad  
    Water Marker  
    Wave Paper  


To start off this series of tutorials for Fun With Photos, I thought I should first introduce some of the terrific built-in features of Corel PHOTO-PAINT which you can start using straight away to create great effects from photographs. These are the Art Strokes and are found under the Effects menu in PHOTO-PAINT.

Corel introduced the Art Stroke series as built-in effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT version 9 and has continued these unchanged since then (up to version 11 at the time of writing this). These are a fabulous series of effects which enable the user to produce a full range of art-like creations from their images and photos. They are quick and easy to use and most produce quite outstanding results. Most of the other major bitmap editing applications, including the most recent version of Adobe Photo Shop (version 7 at the time of writing this) don't have anything like these and therefore still don't come anywhere near PHOTO-PAINT when it come to producing such effects without the use of expensive add-on plugins.

There are many uses for Art Strokes, especially when they are used in combination with other effects or other images. However they more than hold their own just by themselves and usually one only needs to add a photo border or picture frame to finish creating an artful masterpiece in record time. (See elsewhere in the Phun With Photos series for tutorials on creating these).

You can use these art strokes in combinations with other images and objects, merge modes, transparencies, blends, fountain Fills and textures, text effects - this list is endless and limited only by your own imagination.

The aim of these series of tutorials on PHOTO-PAINT's Art Strokes is simply to introduce them to you, to show you how to use the parameter controls for each one and to provide some suggestions on how you can use them with other objects and effects.

In order, the art Stroke Effects are:

      1.    Charcoal            2.     Conté Crayon     
    3.   Crayon         4.   Cubist  
    5.   Dabble         6.   Impressionist  
    7.   Palette Knife         8.   Pastels  
    9.   Pen and Ink         10.   Pointillist  
    11.   Scraperboard         12.   Sketch Pad  
    13.   Watercolour         14.   Water Marker  
    15.   Wave Paper                  


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