Align and Distribute in Corel Photo-Paint


Aug, 2003




Align & Distribute: Corel Photo-Paint’s Powerful Layout Tool

PART 10: Conclusion.

I started writing this tutorial as a short article for my Photo-Paint Tips and Tricks section, thinking incorrectly that it would be short and that I would finish creating it in a single day. One month later I am writing this conclusion and still quite a way from finishing. I write everything up as a text article (in WordPerfect - version 11 of course!), capturing and creating the screen shots as I go. So far I have reached 13 pages of text and 126 images. So much for a short article!. I guess it just goes to show that no topic, even one as seemingly innocuous as Align & Distribute can be quite complex and involved once one really starts to look at it closely.

Actually, I was busy working on another Fun with Photos tutorial and found that I needed to discuss Align and Distribute issues. So rather than write them into that tutorial I though they should really be discussed in their own section, with just a link to it. So here I am, more than one month later, and the next Fun with Photos tutorial has been delayed again. But it is always that way with Photo-Paint - there is always just so much you can do (and write about).



Corel has been going in strange and uncertain circles lately with plans to completely privatise the company, selling it to a US concern called Vector Capital. Many of Corel's public shareholders have voiced a wide range of opinions concerning this, proposing both good and bad scenarios. Only time will tell. I for one am hopeful that any such change will benefit our favourite graphics application suite, although the past history of similar dramatic changes at Corel have not always been of a beneficial nature. But Corel have survived and now also have an extremely good portfolio of software applications. Let's all just hope they have the money, skills and vision to drive these powerful applications into the marketplace as they should be.



- David Mutch, August 2003.



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