Align and Distribute in Corel Photo-Paint


Aug, 2003




Align & Distribute: Corel Photo-Paint’s Powerful Layout Tool


PART 3: Aligning Multiple Objects 1.

When more than one object is selected, the To Active option becomes available. This allows you to align objects to themselves rather than to the image document boundaries. We will deal with the To Active mode in parts 4 and 5 of the tutorial, in which the Active Object plays a major role in the alignment.


This section deals with aligning multiple objects to the document. The Active object plays no role in these document-centric alignments.


Fig 17. Multiple objects selected, before alignment.



To Center of Document.

As for single objects, this option aligns all of the objects to the center of the image. The Vertical center and Horizontal center checkboxes are automatically checked.

*TIP   The order in which the objects are positioned is the same as the order shown in the Objects Docker with the highest level object topmost.


Fig 18. Align Tab: Multiple Objects: To Center of Document.
(vertical center and horizontal center checkboxes are automaticaly checked)



Selected To Document.

Using this option on multiple objects achieves the same result as for a single object except that all the selected objects are aligned and placed in the order they are specified in the Objects Docker.

All the objects can also be aligned to the center of the image by choosing the Selected To Document option and then manually checking the Vertical and Horizontal Center checkboxes.


Fig 19. Align Tab: Multiple Objects: Selected To Document.
(requires manual selection of vertical and horizontal plane center checkboxes)


You can align the objects in a single plane only if you wish. The objects retain their original positions relative to the other, non-aligned plane when you do this.


Fig 20. Align Tab: Multiple Objects: Selected To Document - Vertical center plane only.


Fig 21. Align Tab: Multiple Objects: Selected To Document - Horizontal center plane only.



Here are some other typical examples of using Selected To Document with multiple objects


Fig 22. Align Tab: Multiple Objects: Selected To Document - Several other arrangements.



*TIP   To quickly align objects to a single plane of the document only -



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