Align and Distribute in Corel Photo-Paint


Aug, 2003




Align & Distribute: Corel Photo-Paint’s Powerful Layout Tool

PART 6: Aligning Objects to a Grid.

Corel Photo-Paint can also align objects to a grid. When the Align to Grid option is checked, the other alignment options (To Active, To Center of Document and Selected To Document) all become unavailable for use (they get grayed out).


Fig 48.

When you choose Align To Grid, the other

alignment options are no longer available.


The Align to Grid feature works regardless of whether the grid is visible or not, or whether Photo-Paint’s Snap to Grid option is turned on or not. However selecting the Align to Grid option does not automatically display the grid and so you might find it easier if you display the grid first before you start using this feature.

To make the Grid visible use View > Grid (or CTRL+SHIFT+E).

When Align to Grid is turned on, each object will align itself to the nearest grid line or intersection.


Fig 49. Original positions before grid alignment.


Fig 50. Vertical center.

Fig 51. Horizontal center.



Fig 52. Vertical and horizontal center.

Fig 53. Vertical top.



Fig 54. Vertical bottom.

Fig 55. Horizontal left.



Fig 56. Horizontal right.

Fig 57. Vertical bottom, horizontal left.



Fig 58. Vertical top, horizontal right.

Fig 59. Vertical bottom, horizontal center .



Objects can be aligned individually or in variably sized groups.

The size of the grid can be altered.
The easiest way to change the grid size is to display the Rulers (View > Rulers, or CTRL+SHIFT+R) then double click a Ruler to display the Options dialogue in the Document section, then change the grid size.

With a little planning you can even achieve diagonal alignments using the grid.

But it is actually easier to just turn on Snap to Grid (View menu) and manually snap the objects to the Grid to form a diagonal.


Fig 60. Achieving a diagonal line using Align to Grid.




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