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Part 2:

The Object of my Affections
   - Creating an object from the Path

 A B C


Create an object from the path.

- Click the Path to Mask icon on the Paths Property Bar to convert the path to a mask. Check the Anti-Aliased box so that our curves remain as smooth as possible, then click OK. To see the path, make sure you have Show Mask Marquee selected (select this icon on the main Toolbar).

- I always try to cover my tracks as much as possible in case of disaster (although this is rare these days using PHOTO-PAINT 8 revision B). Save the mask as a channel by selecting Mask/Save/Save as Channel from the Menu. I called mine ‘boomerang' (now that's original!).

- Now save the entire image (File/Save As) as boomerang.cpt. Leave the image in Corel PHOTO-PAINT (.cpt) format to ensure all the layers that we create later remain intact.

- Create a new object by selecting Object/Create/New Object from the Menubar (or click the New Object icon in the Objects Docker).

- At this stage we can don't need our grid or the ruler any more so hide them by deselecting them from the View menu. Also, deselect the Snap to Grid feature. Keep the path visible at this stage . After that, select the Objects Picker Tool on the ToolBox to return from path edit mode to ‘normal' mode. Make sure the path is still visible.


"Wooden it be nice..."

OK, lets add some wood to the object. The fill I used for the boomerang is the wood19m.cpt on the Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8 disk 3 in the Tiles/Wood folder. However wood21m.cpt and  wood23m.cpt are also good for this purpose. As we need to manipulate the wood fill first, we need to fill an entire page rather than just the boomerang mask at this stage.

- Select Mask/Remove (or click the Remove Mask icon on the Toolbar, or use [ctrl shift R]). MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SAVED THE MASK FIRST (step A above).


Fill the new object with the wood fill.

- Select Edit/Fill from the Menu. When the dialogue box opens, select Bitmap Fill then click Edit... When the second dialogue box opens, choose Load... then find the wood19m.cpt file in the Tiles/Wood folder on disk 3. Click Open, then OK twice (leave the bitmap fill options at the defaults). Now we have a complete page of wood fill. Rename the object Wood Fill' (right click the object and select Properties, then rename it)


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