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   Due to the use of the Bump Map and the Plastic Texture Effect in this method,
this effect is suited more for users of Photo-Paint version 9 and higher.
However, version 8 users can still apply this effect using the modifications
described within the tut.



 Fig 1 

1. Create a new image:  
100% White background,
500x300 pixels,
300 dpi

2. 2. Change the Paint colour to
R185 G232 B255.

An easy way to do this is to press and hold
the ‘Baby Blue’ colour swatch on the palette
until the 41 choice related colour sub-palette
pop-out appears and the select the top-left swatch.

(Fig 1)

 Fig 2 

3. Create a new text object “ICE” using:
Arial Black, 36 point.

The text will inherit the current Paint colour.
Centre the Text object to the document.
Object > Arrange > Align and Distribute,
select Center to Document, then press OK.

(Fig 2)

 Fig 3a

 Fig 3b

4a. (for Photo-Paint version 9 and higher)
With the text object selected,
apply an Ice bump map effect.
Effects > Custom > Bump Map, .
Choose Ice from the Style drop down list
in the Bump Map dialogue,
then click the Lighting tab
and change the Declination angle to 65,
uncheck the Auto Compute Brightness box
in the Ambient Light section
and change Ambient Light Brightness to 60.

(Figs 3a and 3b)

4b. (For Photo-Paint version 8 users)
With the text object selected,
apply a Canvas effect.
Effects > Artistic > Canvas
Load the paper02c.pcx map
and apply using the default settings.


 Fig 4 

5. With the text object selected,
apply a Wind Effect:
Effects > Distort > Wind,
(Effects > 2D Effects > Wind for vers 8)

Strength = 50
Opacity = 100
Angle = 270

(Fig 4)

 Fig 5a 

6a. (for Photo-Paint version 9 and higher).
With the text object selected,
apply a Plastic Texture Effect
Effects > Texture > Plastic,
Click the Reset button to reset any previous changes, then click OK

(Fig 5a)

That’s it.


 Fig 5b

6b. (For Photo-Paint version 8 users).
With the text object selected,
create a mask from the object CTRL+M, invert the mask CTRL+SHIFT+I,
then apply a Boss 3D Effect
Effects 3D Effects > The Boss,
using the following settings:
Width = 14
Height = 36
Smoothness = 50
Drop Off = Gaussian
Brightness = 75
Sharpness = 5
Direction = 302
Angle = 72
Press OK

Remove the mask, create a new object,
place it between the text object and the background
then fill this new object with 100% black
so that the ICE text object is easier to see.

(Fig 5b)

You can copy the transformed text object to another image if you like
You can also apply this effect easily to objects other than text, no problemos.

Try changing the initial colour, the bump map parameters or the plastic texture parameters for a range of different effects.

For more realistic Ice Effects please see the more advance ICE Text tutorials.


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