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This will probably the last of the text effects tutorials I will create, as you readers must be getting sick of them by now. There are also so many other tutorials I wish to make, as well as requests from readers to undertake and time is always limited. However, I will most probably be updating and adding more to some of the existing Text Effects tuts series as new ideas for Text Effects evolve. I have some plans for a few more Metallic Text Effects to add to that section, particularly effects which can be created using 3rd party plug-ins such as KPT5 Shape Shifter which does a fantastic job for shiny metals.

At the time of writing this, Corel has just released CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 (August 2002). The reports coming in from Beta Testers and early adopters alike all say the same thing: Version 11 is REALLY good. It is stable, fast and has many new features. I will be producing a review of Photo-Paint version 11 as soon as I can after I receive my own upgrade. Currently, stores world-wide seem to be running out the product almost as soon as it arrives, and many stores have sent delayed shipment notices to purchasers, due to stock shortages. In many ways this is really great news, but I am still awaiting MINE! Grumble, grumble!.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this series. I have also added a new Misc Text Effects series at the same time as this Fire/ICE series so don't forget t take a look at those also.

I love receiving comments about these tuts so please feel free to drop me a (email) line anytime.

Cheers from Melbourne, Australia.

(PS. Answer to a common question: NO, we don't have kangaroos hopping down the main street of Melbourne, but I do have lots of possums, parrots, cockatoos, echidnas,..., and the occassional Koala in my back yard, and about 30 platypusses (platypii ?) in the stream below our house!)


- David Mutch, August 2002.

Celestial Babble: If the inverting-core acceptor deflects the complex chronotron-feedback analysis, try to provoke a coil-composition reflex and several quantum biosphere resonances, this will create a restricted isovolumic cochrane graviton-prediction, which ought to in fact dampen the polarizing maintenance-filament formulas.

Then attempt a minimum abstract component-delay correction phase to input a reversible lucifugal primary ionization perimeter operation to cancel the celestial info-sphere greenhouse effect level-limits. As you are doing this, set in motion six homeostasis global-attractors from the constant chemical cybernetic-induction elliptical-beam, this will dislodge a krypton placebo-molecule from the kinetic synthesis-accelerator, as a consequence affect the electromagnetic fiber-feedback engineering fractal controls, enhancing the parallel decaying energy diffusion force.

Now turn on the hypothetical cryogenic quadrant energy matrix and logistical passive inducers to absorb the decayed a parallel decaying energy diffusion force.

(A Dreamweaver text filler: purposely left in to amuse anyone silly enough to read it ;-)

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