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This is a series of 6 tutorials describing several different methods to create really nice Fire and Ice text effects you can create using Corel Photo-Paint.

The main reason for publishing these tutorials, apart from my never ending campaign to show off the superb abilities of Photo-Paint, was due to the large number of emails I received from people asking me how I created the title graphic of the last page in the Simple Text Effects Tutorial series. Well now you can find out for yourself - and much more.

This series of tutorials demonstrates both simple and advanced methods for creating these effects, and provides ideas and tips on how to modify them and create your own unique ones. It is important to note though, with all of these text effect tutorials, all of the effects can be applied to all sorts of objects, not just to text. Simply create a shape or use a masked area of an existing image and the apply the effect to it. Why not try to create a face with flaming hair. I'd love to see your own creations.

Please note that many of the tutorials in this series require the use of version 9 or higher. As I don't use version 8 at all anymore (and haven't for a number of years now) it is quite difficult to continuously return to this older version to check that the steps work as I have written them. So apologies to version 8 (and earlier) users, but there are so many really good changes, additions and features to later editions of Corel Photo-Paint that I strongly suggest you upgrade if you are still using version 8 as you read this.

Corel has a great policy of republishing their older CorelDRAW Suite products as the new versions are released and these are sold at a greatly reduced cost compared to when the product was first released. Very few software publishers do this and in most cases provide no support for users of older versions, charge more to upgrade from older versions and generally force users into situations where they feel obligated to buy the latest, most expensive version. When version 8 of the Draw suite was released, Corel published the Select (7) edition. After releasing version 9 they released Corel Draw Classic (version 8). Following the release of version 10, Corel Essentials (version 9) was released. Select, Classic and Essentials boxed versions cost around 20% of the cost of the original when it was released. This is a great way to stay 'almost' updated with the CorelDRAW Suite if you are on a limited budget. So if you are still using Photo-Paint version 7, 8 or even lower, why not hunt around and see if you can find Corel Essentials (version 9) somewhere and take full advantage of the great new features in these more advanced versions. Personally I can't wait to get my hands on the very latest version but then again I really love Photo-Paint.

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 Intro   | Easy Fire | Complex Fire # 1 | Complex Fire # 2   -|||||-   Easy Ice | Complex Ice # 1 | Complex Ice # 2 |   End

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