Duotone - The Basics
  Duotone - Advanced
  Direct from RGB
    - HSL
    - Colour Balance
    - Selective Color
    - Color Hue & Tone
  Using Masks
 9. Concluding Remarks

To Make a Short Story Long

When I started to write this tutorial I began with " At Last ! A short tutorial!".
After working pretty solidly on it for over a week I found that I had really opened up a can of worms, all writhing for attention. Later, when I reviewed what I had written, that line was the first to be deleted.

Corel Photo-Paint provides so many different ways to achieve desired results - it really amazes me.

Although different tools can often achieve similar results, each of them has its own specific emphasis towards arriving at a particular end point via a specific mechanism. Some are much better for some jobs than others. Which tool you use then, depends entirely on what you wish to achieve. I hope that you too have seen this while undertaking the exercises in this tutorial.


The Tip of the Iceberg

Although we examined many very useful tools for colour alteration in this tutorial, there are quite a few more that I did not even mention, or merely glossed over. Some are single click type functions, some are considered more to be Effects type tools, and others are more suited to single pixel type operations. I tried to stay pretty much with those used for global type operations, or for changes to whole objects or planes.

The others are worth mentioning though, and I hope that you will take a look at them in due course. They are no less valuable than those already covered here. For colour manipulations, you should also take a look at:

  • Level Equalization under Image > Adjust > Level Equalization,
  • Sample / Target Balance under Image > Adjust > Sample/Target Balance,
  • Tone Curves, Auto Equalize and Gamma all under the Image > Adjust menu,
  • Replace Colours in the Image > Adjust > Replace Colours menu,
  • The Transform Tools under Image > Transform (Deinterlace, Invert, Posterize and Threshold),
  • The Channel Calculation Tools under Image > Calculations, and
  • The Colour Transform Effects Tools under Effects > Color Transform (Bit Planes, Half Tone, Psychedelic and Solarize)

That lot should keep you busy for a while. But also totally enthralled by discovering the image magic you can create with all these powerful tools at your disposal.

Until, next time -

Enjoy Life, Be Happy and most of all ...
be nice to each other,
- neighbors on a small and fragile planet -

- David Mutch, July, 1999.


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