Part 5. Web Features

1. Web Image Optimizer.
Corel Image Optimizer helps you reduce the file size of an image, letting you save bandwidth for faster downloading of Web pages. Image Optimizer lets you see four separate, live previews of possible export modes or other image variations before sending an image to the Internet.

The Image Optimizer can be started from File> Publish To The Web > Web Image Optimizer and can be viewed as 1, 2, or 4 simultaneous window panes.

Choose the image type from the dropdown list (original, jpeg, gif, png8 or png24) then either select from the preset options or fine tune your own by pressing the image type options button (the two ticks). Currently selected options are show as well as the image file size, estimated download time and compression percentage.

The Preview button MUST be selected to view your changes and settings.

Finally, whatever image type shows the solid red bounding box around the settings region, will be the type selected for export when you click the OK button.



2. Web Connector Docker.
The new Web connector Docker window lets you browse the World Wide Web right from the application.

The Web Connector relies on MS Internet Explorer being present on the workstation and acts as an independent web browser specifically to link to Corel-related sites.

This lets you connect to sites such as Corel's community Web site for graphic designers at on the Internet without leaving the application.



What's New in Photo-Paint 10 - PART 5

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