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 Improved HELP & Information POP UPs

Figure 35. Popup Tool Tips now also show the designated shortcut key.

PhotoPaint 9 is much more talkative than previous versions.

Tool Tips
The help balloons which pop up when the cursor is over a Tool Box icon now show the designated shortcut key (Figure 35).

This is most helpful when learning and remembering the large number of different shortcut keys available, especially after customizing the application with your own shortcuts.



Figure 36. Object Tool Tip Popups now also show detailed information about the object.

Object Tips
In addition, a pop up balloon now also appears when the cursor rests over any object in your main drawing window, showing details about the object (Figure 36). The object does not need to be selected before the Object Tool Tip pops up. I found this feature to be very smooth and fast and now rely on it regularly to determine the precise object beneath the cursor before actually clicking to select it.

The actual information which appears in the pop ups can be controlled from the settings dialogue under theTools > Options > Workspace > Display menu.


Document Title Bar Improvements
Corel has also improved the document title bar which now shows important information on the title bars of both active and non-active images.


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