Easy Text Effects #2 - Metallic Text

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I have enjoyed creating this series of tutorials although they have taken me much longer than I anticipated. Some were base on previous tutorials by others (notably David Huss's great Photo-Paint books for the advanced Chrome technique) or from conversions of tutorials for PhotoShop off the web. Some of the newer tutorials for PhotoShop version 6 are using new filters or effects that are really quite different from those in Corel Photo-Paint and so sometimes only a vaguest idea of how to convert them is conveyed at first reading. Still, as Photo-Paint is still a most powerful image editing program there is very little that can't be reproduced or converted if one looks past the gloss of instant filters and onto the more fundamental processes that drive all image editing and manipulation engines.

So in producing this series I myself have learnt quite a bit and I hope that you will have enjoyed them as much and learn a similar amount as I did while you worked through them and finally reach the concluding comments on this page.

One of the things I always try to do when writing these tutorials is to provide very specific details (such as all the different menu, keyboard and iconic methods for each instruction) for those who are relatively new to Photo-Paint, while at the same time attempt to provide concise, shortened versions of each instruction in the title for each step for more experienced users. This is quite difficult to do at times, especially the latter as one often still needs to rattle off lists of settings etc. It is difficult to please both worlds (newbies and old hands) but I try my best not to either over simplify or over condense and I hope that both sides of the great computer divide can find equal usefulness from these attempts. Thank you for your patience here and also to all those who have sent kind emails and messages.

There is still much to do for this site and as always, it seems, so little time to do it in. There is still at least one more series on text effects - miscellaneous effects like dotty text, interlacing (like you have seen in the backgrounds on most of the pages in the current series), ice, fire, woods, stone and others. I also still have plans to make tutorials on creating animations, creating and using brushes and nibs, amongst others.

At the time of writing (Sept-Oct 2001), Service Patch 2 for the Draw 10 suite has still not been released but I guess Corel have been busy with all their new graphics products such as Painter and Bryce and both the PC and Mac versions of these. Still, I know that many people are waiting eagerly for bug fixes for version 10, so we look to Canada for their sooner rather than later service patches and their goodwill toward their loyal patrons.

Well, its time to go once again. Thanks for getting to this point and for using these tutorials.

Until next time, especially in these times of uncertainty, always remember -
We are all brothers and sisters on a small and fragile planet.





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