Text Effects #2 - Creating Metallic Text in Corel Photo-Paint

Tutorials in the Metallic Text Series:
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This series of tutorials will show you some of the methods used to create great looking metallic text and objects. Most of the tutorials can be used in all versions of Corel Photo-Paint from version 8 upwards. However, there are some steps which can only be used in version 9 and above due to new effects filters added in version 9. In most cases though, alternative steps are provided for version 8 users.

The tutorials cover the use of masks, effects such as Noise, Displacement, Emboss, The Boss and various Textures as well as the use of image adjustment tools such as the Tone Curve, Selective Colour, and BCL controls. As for most of the tutorials I write, these steps should always be treated as just the start of your creative processes and you are always encouraged to change the methods to suite your work and creative flair.

The tutorials cover the following metallic effects:

Brushed Metal
Easy Chrome (needs version 9 or higher)
Complex Chrome
Realistic Gold
Antique Gold
Copper, and

Please note that each of the effects is presented on a single HTML page, and that some of these pages are therefore quite large, containing the tutorial and several variants - sorry about that. If you are using a slower 56K modem connection please be patient while the pages load for the first time. I hope that you will enjoy the tutorials enough to compensate for the larger than normal page sizes.


As with many of my tutorials, ideas are sometimes based on those previously described by others either for Photo-Paint or for Adobe Photo-Shop. Thanks to David Huss for his original ideas on the creation of complex chrome and rusty metals, thanks also to Joyce Evans for her ideas on metal patina, Debbie Waldron for ideas on copper, Bryan Joynt for ideas on gold in PS and Janee for ideas on old gold in PS.

I hope you enjoy these tutorials. Have fun.

- David Mutch
October, 2, 2001.



  INTRO   Brushed Metal   Easy Chrome   Complex Chrome   Gold   Old Gold   Rust   Copper   Patina   END   
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