DOTTY TEXT: Here is an example of how you can make dotty text and objects in Corel Photo-Paint.


1.Create some text.
Create some text using a large sans serif font such as Futura Xblk Bt at, for example, 96 points. The colour of the text is not important.


2.Lock the Object's Transparency.
Click the Lock Transparency icon on the Objects Docker or on Mask/Object Toolbar or use the shortcut \ .



3. Set up the colours.
Set the Paint colour to 50% black and make sure the paper colour is white. (Use CTRL-LeftClick on the white colour swatch of teh palette if necessary, to change the paper coloour to white).



4.Interactive Fill.
Select the Interactive Fill Tool and draw a vertical line from the top of the text to the bottom as opposite.


Select “From Paint to Paper” in the Interactive Fill Style drop-down list on the Property Bar.

5. Apply the fill.
Either right-click inside the filled text and choose Apply or in PP version 10, simply select
the Object Picker tool.


Now turn the Lock Transparency off.



6.Transform to Halftone.
Make sure the text is still selected and then from the Effects menu choose Color Transform > Halftone.


Change the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow sliders all to 0, then change the Max Dot Radius slider to between 4 and 7. Make sure the Preview button is selected so you can preview your changes.


Choose a ‘Max Dot Radius’ setting that you like. A smaller radius is better with a smaller font size and vice-versa.

Click OK when you are satisfied.


If you wish, you can place a texture-filled rectangle below the dotty text object and add a light drop-shadow to the text.

You can choose to NOT switch off the lock transparency in Step 5 if you choose.


Retaining Lock Transparency during the halftone transformation gives your characters a hard edge and may improve their readability. The choice is yours.






Place the dotty text above an image and then use bright-coloured drop-shadows as glows to highlight the text further.  Fill an object with the dotty effect. place it between two images then clip the upper object to it



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