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  Tear-rific Adventures with the Shredder
(How to create 'torn edges' in Corel PhotoPaint 8)


I was looking into methods to create a torn paper edge effect and discovered a tutorial on how to create them using Adobe PhotoShop. "No worries" I thought, "I'll just recreate the steps using PhotoPaint". Alas, the tutorial I followed primarily used channel manipulations - many of the steps simply could not be repeated, or even modified for use in PhotoPaint as the two different applications use channels quite differently. Also, that tutorial used several filters (such as the Maximize filter) which were not available in PhotoPaint.

The original PhotoShop tutorial I am referring to can be located on the Web at . I would also like to add at this stage that I believe that the method used by Navworks is overly complicated, especially in retrospect. The method I will demonstrate here is remarkably simple, and with a lot less steps.

Thus, after my initial disappointment at not being able to directly recreate torn edges using the PhotoShop-type method, I began investigating an entirely different approach which turned out to be much simpler and more flexible. The original method created a channel which was then manipulated to create the final objects. Using PhotoPaint I found that it was much better to create a black and white object, manipulate this, and then create the final masks/channels to apply to various fills.


This tutorial is divided into 2 sections:

  1. How to create basic torn edge effects, and
  2. How to create more advanced effects (should read the basics first).

You can go directly to either section from here if you prefer:


Also, for those of you who are already very familiar with PhotoPaint techniques, there is a Quick Steps Summary at the end of the article which omits many of the explanations needed for beginners.

Goto The Quick Steps Summary

Some of the possibilities using the methods described here are shown below in the Examples (Examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

OK, Lets go.

 Example 1
 Example 2
 Example 3
 Example 4
 Example 5


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