Here is a method to create cubic style text in Corel Photo-Paint. This tutorial was wriiten using Photo-Paint version 10 but the simple method can be undertaken using almost any version.

1. Create a new image.
24-bit RGB, 500x300 pixels,
black background at 300 dpi.

  2. Create some white text
using a thick bold font. Here I have use Arial Black at 24 points. Align the text to the centre of the image (Object > Arrange > Align and Distribute, To Center of Document.
(Fig 1)

Fig 1. 

3. Combine the text with the background.


  4. Apply a Gaussian Blur.
(Effects > Blur > Gaussian Blur ) at a radius of 4 pixels. (Fig 2)

Fig 2. 

5. Duplicate the background.



6. Apply a Pixelation distortion.
With the duplicate object selected, apply a pixelation distortion (Effects > Distort > Pixelate).
The actual adjustments for the distortion will depend on the font, font size and final effect you wish to achieve. In the example here I used square mode, H&W = 12, opacity = 100. So try this first and experiment later.
(Fig 3)


Fig 3. 
  7. Reduce the opacity
of the object to 50% using the slider on the Object Docker and then combine this object with the background.
(Fig 4)

 Fig 4. 
  8. Apply a sharpen effect.
From the menu choose Effects > Sharpen > Sharpen. Click the Reset button and then press OK. Repeat the sharpening effect once again (Effects > Repeat > Last Effect, or CTRL+F).
(Fig 5).

Fig 5. 
  9. Add some colour.
From the menu choose Image > Adjust > Color Hue. In the Color Hue dialogue box, click the Reset button, then uncheck the Shadows checkbox and slide the Step slider to 50.
For a blue appearance, click More Cyan once and More Blue twice (Fig 6a)
For a red appearance, click More Red twice (Fig 6b)
For a Green appearance, click More Green once, More Cyan once, and More Yellow once.
(Fig 6c).

Fig 6a.

Fig 6b.

Fig 6c.


- Play around with the Color Hue settings for more colours.

- Try changing the settings in the Pixelation dialogue box for different effects.

- Increasing the Edge Level in the Shapening dialogue box to 50% or repeating the original sharpen step more times increases the contrast in the pixel boxes, creating a more pronounced effect.

- Add a Ripple Effect at a low periodicity (Effects > Distort > Ripple) (Fig 7).

Fig 7.

- Create a rectangle object a little bigger than the pixelated text and fill it with a fountain fill. Change the merge mode on this rectangle object to Colour. (Fig 8)

Fig 8.

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